S4S Shaped 4 Sides

*Solid / Finger-Jointed Laminated

What is Finger-jointed and Laminated Wood?

Finger-jointed and laminated wood as applied to structural members refers to materials glued up from smaller pieces of wood, with the grain of all laminations essentially parallel to the length of the member. In finger-jointed lumber, pieces of wood are glued together and are interlocked along, the joints to produce longer ones. On the other hand, laminated wood is made up of narrow pieces of wood glued edge to edge to make wider ones.

Features & Advantages in Finger-jointed Lumber

In PATECO, we use KOMO-certified D3 glue from Germany in our finger-jointed lumber. This also attributes to the strength property of our finger-jointed lumber.

Also, in developed countries especially in Europe, people prefer to use finger-jointed lumber if the requirement is 7 feet or longer because it is more stable and can stand up against twisting, warping, and bending. Irritating natural effects such as wane and knots can be removed and the profile is more stable. All these contribute to the high grade quality of lumber.

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6 thoughts on “S4S Shaped 4 Sides

  1. Hi, i need to know what kind of wood species your s4s wood is. Please kindly provide me the details of what species of wood you offer. Thanks !


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